Creative director of Xsolla Andrey Podshibyakin has finished work on the book “Igrozhur”, which he began writing 17 years ago. It will go on sale in two months.

The full title of the book is “Igrozhur. The great Russian novel about games”. Russian Facebook editor Podshibyakin noted that he wrote the first chapters of this novel back in 2003, when he was working on the Russian version of PC Gamer magazine. Those stories quickly spread on the Internet and gained popularity, but the author himself at some point got tired of dealing with them. Podshibyakin tried several times to return to the text, but he was able to fully do it only now.

“Igrozhur” is not a documentary, but an art book. She tells about the life of a high school student Yura Cherepanov, who decided to move from Siberia to Moscow and get a job in a gaming magazine. In the process, the main character got acquainted with the realities of the industry.

The work turned out to be childish. According to Podshibyakin, “Igrozhur” reveals to the reader the shadow side of the Russian game dev, and we must be prepared for this.

If my previous book, Game Time!, talked about the warm and kind side of Russian game development from the very beginning of the noughties, then Igrozhur is about the OPPOSITE side of it; if you want Shady, that's what I'll give you. On every page in the book there are matyuki, muddy and fucked up, so do not buy it if you are a child, for example.

From Andrey Podshibyakin's blog

The “Great Russian novel about games” will be released by the publishing house “Eksmo”. It is already possible to pre-order a paper version of the book on the company’s website.

Recall that Podshibyakin published his last book “Game Time!” a little over a year ago. Then it was based on numerous interviews with Russian developers: Andrey “Krank” Kuzmin, Sergey Orlovsky, Oleg Medox, Dmitry Arkhipov and others.