Last July, Vladimir Kharitonchik, a programmer at Playtika, died on a business trip to Turkey. Portal prepared a large material in which he told how the company reacted to the death of an employee and what his family wants.

Vladimir with children. Source:
We have chosen the main thing from the publication.

  • Vladimir died on July 12, 2020 in the pool of the Granada Luxury Belek Hotel. According to the conclusion of Turkish doctors, he drowned due to a heart attack.
  • According to the relatives of the programmer, the hotel employees are partly to blame for this. Although rescuers noticed how ill Vladimir became, they did not pull him out of the water in time. The local doctor did not help him either.
  • Vladimir’s family wants the administration and a number of hotel employees to be held accountable because of what happened. They asked Playtika to help with the investigation.
  • Playtika expressed condolences to the programmer’s widow, made the necessary payments and gave the protocols of police interrogations, surveillance video and the initial conclusion from the hospital.
  • “We were very shocked and saddened by the news of Vladimir Kharitonchik’s death last year in Turkey. We express our sincere condolences to his family and friends. We continue to maintain relations with Vladimir’s wife, as well as provide assistance to her and her children, assisting in solving organizational issues, providing financial support and the opportunity to seek psychological help,” they replied in a comment for representatives of Playtika.
  • But Vladimir’s relatives believe that this is not enough. They would also like to receive a business trip order to Turkey and an insurance policy. The company did not give them a business trip order, and as for the policy, it replied that the programmer did not have it. However, he was still covered by Playtika corporate insurance. It allowed us to cover the medical and transportation costs necessary in that situation.
  • Also, the programmer’s family doubts that Playtika conducted an internal investigation into the death of an employee. The fact is that July 12, 2020 is Sunday. As the relatives pointed out, the company is not responsible for its employees on weekends.
  • Vladimir’s family, in addition to Playtika, asked Belarusian officials to help. But all they got was advice to hire a lawyer in Turkey;
  • They hired a lawyer in the winter. He has already sent three petitions for the resumption of proceedings in the case of the death of the programmer. In the documents, the lawyer noted that the police did not investigate thoroughly enough and drew up protocols in Turkish instead of English. In addition, he indicated that, perhaps, the conclusion of the pathologist was drawn up with violations.
  • To date, the first petition has been rejected, and the other two have not yet been answered.