Epic Games continues to improve its store. The company has updated the Epic Games Store (EGS) development plan in the Trello Task Manager. Soon, player profiles, clickable tags and a few more features should appear on the platform.

It is not yet known when exactly the new functions will work in EGS. Epic Games did not specify the deadlines in the tasks, limiting itself to the signature “do next”. But most likely, it will be possible to see at least some of the innovations during 2021, since the company has already mentioned them more than once in the blog.

Among the nearest features there are user profiles. The fact that the developers are actively engaged in them became known at the end of January. Now Epic Games has shown how it will all be implemented.

Judging by the published image, the profile will display the experience scale, the number of games in the library, the hours played and achievements.

Epic Games also plans to add the ability to sort games by genre to EGS. And along with this, the company will introduce active tags. In the store before, tags with genres were used for each game: action, racing, open world, etc. But now it will be possible to click on them to go to the search menu.

Another new feature is a more convenient comparison of different editions of games. Now, to see how the editions differ, you need to open the pages with them yourself and see what is and what is not in a particular version of the title. Epic Games intends to simplify this: on one page there will be lists with all the contents of the publications.

It also became known that in the near future, EGS will have: a carousel with small screenshots in the description of games, a notification about switching to another site, a notification center and a shopping cart.

You can read more about all the planned innovations here.