Godot-developers have launched a studio. It’s called W4 Games. She will be engaged in strengthening the ecosystem of the engine.

The studio was founded by four people. Three of them are programmers who have been dealing with Godot for a long time.

Among the founders is Juan Linietsky. He, along with Ariel Manzur, is the author of the first version of the engine.

W4 Games will focus on creating “additional commercial development tools” for indie and professional developers.

It is assumed that with its help, it will become easier for game teams to create and publish games for all currently existing platforms.

The main goal of the new studio is to speed up the process of getting to know Godot for developers, in fact, to lower the entry threshold.

It is also said that thanks to the future solutions of W4 Games, developers will be able to enter new markets previously inaccessible to them.

The studio’s tools will be distributed on a commercial basis. However, as the team assures, this will not affect the engine itself.

Important: we continue to believe in Godot as an absolutely free and open source project. There is no question of compromises,” the company says.

So W4 Games has no plans to monopolize the rights to its further development. However, it is in their interest to make it more competitive.

W4 Games was created to offer those products and services to corporate users that are impossible if we are talking about a free open source engine,” the press release emphasizes.

W4 Games has already received its first investment. OSS Capital, Lux Capital, Sisu Game Ventures and Bob Young, the founder of Red Hat, invested in it.


W4 Games