Daybreak Game Company, which created H1Z1, EverQuest and Planetside, laid off 70 people. This is 30% of the total staff.

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The company issued a statement confirming the fact of the cuts.

But the exact number of those fired was not reported by her, but by the ex-president of Daybreak Game Company John Smedley. He also criticized the company for firing so many employees right before Christmas.

Daybreak Game Company noted that it took this step for the sake of future prosperity.

We are optimizing within the company so that we have the greatest chance to succeed in the coming years. Therefore, we have made some changes to the organization and are now doing everything possible to support those who have suffered during this difficult time.

Daybreak Game Company

Official statement

This is the second case of mass layoffs at the Daybreake Game Company this year. In April, an unspecified number of employees lost their positions. At that time, the company also stated that it had to cut some of its employees for the sake of its own future.

A month before, the H1Z1 battle royale from Daybreak Game Company came out of early access. He was at the peak of popularity in July last year, but by March he had lost 91% of his online. The reason was poor support for the game and the inability to compete with PUBG and Fortnite. Later, the game was made a frituplein.

In addition, in October, the company had to close its Just Survive project, which failed to attract a sufficient audience and recoup costs.

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