The creators of the game in the universe of “Alien” Cold Iron Studios have changed the owner for the fourth time in three years. Now the studio has been acquired by Daybreak Games.

This was announced in the latest press release by Daybreak Games. The company did not specify the amount of the transaction, but shared other details.

  • Cold Iron Studios will be managed by its co-founder Craig Zinkievich, but will report to Daybreak Games CEO Ji Ham;
  • Cold Iron Studios will work independently, and the developer H1Z1 will help with the publication of games and provide marketing, technical and operational support;
  • a shooter based on “Alien” will still be released and will appear immediately on consoles and PCs. It is unknown when this will happen, but the studio will let her finish the game she has been working on since 2015.

“We are thrilled that Cold Iron Studios has joined the Daybreak Games family and accelerated the growth of our next generation,” said G Ham. “Strategic investments in talented and proven teams with outstanding leaders and experience in developing amazing online games are an important part of our growth and strategy for Daybreak.”

Cold Iron Studios is a studio founded in 2015 by three veterans of the game industry who have worked on City of Heroes, Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. In 2018, it was bought out by FoxNext Game, then the studio managed to visit under the leadership of Disney and Scopely. Today, Cold Iron Studios employs over 40 employees.

Daybreak Games are the creators of massively multiplayer online games that have launched H1Z1, EverQuest, PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online and others. In 2020, the company went through a stage of restructuring and layoffs.

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