The well-known game analyst Benji-Sales compared the ratings of The Oscar and The Game Awards over the past few years. The last TGA had a large audience almost 9 times, while the popularity of the main film award is rapidly falling. However, comparing these ceremonies in this way is not entirely correct.Geoff Keighley and Josef Fares at TGA 2017

This year, the Oscar has shown record low ratings, falling by 58% in annual terms.

According to Nielsen, the broadcast of the ceremony was watched by an average of 9.85 million people.

At the same time, the viewership of The Game Awards held in December amounted to 83 million, showing an increase of 84% year-on-year.

  • The Oscar rating takes into account the average number of viewers of the broadcast, while the TGA calculates the total number of viewers;Nielsen counts only the views of the Oscar telecast on ABC — it is unknown how many viewers watched the ceremony on online platforms in other countries;
  • TGA was broadcast on more than 40 digital platforms around the world (including China), and all these views are taken into account in the final rating.
  • Thus, these two ceremonies cannot be compared directly using ratings.

Benji himself later noted that he only wanted to emphasize the rapid growth in popularity of one ceremony and the equally rapid decline of another.

The popularity of The Game Awards is influenced by many factors. The organizers of the ceremony, first of all, want to make a spectacular show — with guest stars and world premieres of the games.

“Oscar” is increasingly criticized for predictability in the selection of winners, as well as for a boring show. The average viewer is less and less interested in watching an unnecessarily “academic” award. In addition, this year, the almost complete absence of high-profile releases associated with the pandemic also contributed to its factor.