Tencent is preparing to launch the Trovo streaming platform. This is a service similar to Twitch, but focused on mobile, Bloomberg reports.

Already in July, according to the Trovo website, the first partner program of the service will start. Until the end of 2021, streamers will receive rewards from the total Trovo budget. It has $30 million invested in it.

The platform is still in beta stage. According to media reports, Trovo has been actively tested since March this year through the American branch of Tencent. During this time, a number of streamers from Twitch, YouTube Live and Mixer have switched to it (the latter closed last week).

Nevertheless, Trovo still has a small audience. Streams on the site gather no more than a few dozen viewers.

At home, Chinese Tencent is the largest player in the streaming niche. He opened and acquired (partially or completely) a number of streaming platforms: Huya, Douyu, eGame, Penguin Esports, Bilibili. He bought a controlling stake in Huya in the same March, paying $262.2 million.

However, Tencent’s position abroad as a streaming company is still weak. Twitch remains the leader in the global gaming broadcast market. Last year, the platform had a drop in viewing hours more than once, but it significantly surpasses YouTube Live and Facebook Live in audience coverage.

Trovo, according to Bloomberg, is in many ways an analogue of Twitch. The sites are similar in interface, content content, and even user engagement programs. It is unclear whether the Tencent service will be able to compete seriously with the three above-mentioned sites. But, given the closure of Mixer, this may be a good time to launch a new product in this niche.

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