Since its foundation, Techland has remained a closed company. However, now the developers of Dying Light have become a “joint stock company”. This may indicate that the company is preparing to enter the stock exchange.Dying Light 2

The Gamer portal drew attention to the change in the legal status of Techland.

Now on the company’s website it is listed as Techland S.A. — the abbreviation stands for “Spółka Akcyjna” and is an analogue of a joint-stock company in Poland.

On April 1, Techland also updated the registration number and changed the status of the company to “joint stock company”. The Board of Directors is headed by Pawel Marchewka, co-founder and CEO of Techland. Also on the list is his wife Alexandra Marchewka, Acting Director of HR.

Techland representatives have not yet made statements about the company’s possible entry into the stock exchange. However, this step may be justified by the need for additional capital and investments — in particular, to complete the development of Dying Light 2.

Techland was founded in 1991 and eventually became one of the most prominent Polish developers. The company’s portfolio includes such projects as the Chrome shooter, the horror-action Dead Island, as well as the Call of Juarez and Dying Light series.