The Stockholm office of the publisher of Overkill’s The Walking Dead and Payday 2 was raided by the police. It is reported that one of the employees of Starbreeze has been detained.

Payday 2
The reason for the raid was suspicion of insider trading.

Employees of the Swedish State Administration for Combating Economic Crime seized the company’s equipment.

The local Dagens Industry newspaper writes that two Starbreeze executives, Sebastian Ahlskog and Bo Andersson, illegally sold their shares in the company. This happened right before the latter’s resignation amid financial problems at Starbreeze.

Recall that the company’s stock price has halved due to poor sales of Overkill’s The Walking Dead. But even before that, the financial report for the third quarter showed the plight of Starbreeze. The company was on the verge of bankruptcy, and its reconstruction was taken over by Mikael Nermark, who replaced Andersson.

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