This was made possible thanks to the new feature “Life with PS4″.

Картинки по запросу ps4 трофеи

Last week Sony gave PlayStation 4 players the opportunity to create a personal video “Life with PS4″. It contains various statistics: the total number of games launched and the number of hours spent on them, as well as the number of trophies received and the rarest trophy.

Information about rare trophies suddenly turned out to be very useful. With their help, players were able to calculate how many people play certain titles. It is unlikely that Sony intended this initially.

The Gamstat website has already appeared to publish data on the number of players.

Top 10 games by number of players

  • Grand Theft Auto V — 51.7 million;
  • FIFA 18 — 32.5 million;
  • FIFA 17 — 30 million;
  • FIFA 16 — 28.3 million;
  • Minecraft — 25.6 million;
  • Call of Duty WWII — 24.6 million;
  • Rocket League — 22.66 million;
  • FIFA 15 — 19.2 million;
  • Mortal Kombat X — 16.8 million;
  • Fortnite — 16.2 million

The list is current at the time of publication of the news. The creators of the site count the number of players not automatically, but manually, so the top is constantly updated.

Judging by the infographic of the best-selling games published by Sony on November 15, the first three positions of the top correspond to reality. There is no data on Call of Duty: Black Ops III mentioned by Sony on the Gamstat website.

Sony Infographics
Note that players could buy used discs or get the game on hand in PS Plus, so the data does not reflect sales.

How the calculation was made

The “Life with PS4″ videos show the total number of players who have received the rarest trophy. For example, a little more than 1.14 million players received the “Cradle” trophy in the game No Man’s Sky.

At the same time, the official PlayStation website shows the percentage of players who have earned such a trophy. So, 28.9% of all people who played No Man’s Sky received the “Cradle”.

Using these two parameters, it can be easily calculated that the total number of players in No Man’s Sky is 3.9 million. In the same way, their number was calculated in other titles.

Only in two cases it is impossible to find out the exact number of players:

  • if the trophy turned out to be too rare (for example, only 0.1% of the players received it);
  • if the game is completely new (since the data is only relevant for the period from the end of November to the beginning of December).

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