Rovio has announced the closure of its cloud mobile gaming Hatch. The developers of Angry Birds wanted to make it a “gaming Netflix”, but for several years it remained unprofitable.Gamasutra noticed that the company simply announced the closure of the project in a banner on the official website: “Hatch stopped working on December 31.

Thank you all for using our service.”

In the GamesIndustry company clarified that at the end of last year it closed only the premium direction of the service. At the moment, she will continue to work on Hatch Kids, focused on children’s and family gaming.

Rovio launched Hatch in 2016, positioning it as Netflix for mobile gaming. Two years later, it came out of the open beta and launched in several European countries, and then in Japan.

However, in 2019, the company announced its desire to sell a controlling stake in the service after its revenue began to fall. Negotiations with several investors did not yield results.

Hatch continued to pull resources from Rovio, and last year its profits fell again. At the same time, the company decided to focus on the development of Hatch Kids.