Svyatoslav Torik from Wargaming Research & Development conducted a survey to find out how Russian-speaking game designers create game concepts and relate to colleagues.

235 people took part in the survey, so the portrait came out approximate. According to the results, the majority of respondents are over 30 years old.

The largest number of respondents answered that their work experience is 4-8 years. The author of the survey assumed that the answer “2-3 years” would prevail.

“I suspect there are two trends here: 1) the army of game designers is constantly replenished by both young people and experienced industry workers, 2) many are starting a career in game design, already having related experience in the industry behind them,” suggests Svyatoslav Torik.

Only 18% of respondents did not have doubts about their professional aptitude, the rest are familiar with the impostor syndrome firsthand.

Most respondents, when faced with problems, first of all look for solutions on their own, and do not turn to colleagues. “My experience as a game designer in four different teams suggests that this behavior occurs precisely because of the feeling that colleagues have little relevant experience,” comments Torik.

However, when it comes to creating a game concept, less than a third of game designers prefer to work alone.


The most difficult thing in developing a game concept, judging by the answers, is finding a suitable niche in the market.

Most respondents prefer to limit themselves in design immediately when creating a concept.

Finally, the main concern of respondents during the presentation of the project is that colleagues will not notice mistakes at first, but then they will manifest themselves.

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