PlayStation is probably planning to actively develop the mobile direction and develop new games for it. This is also hinted at by the new vacancy of the European division of the company.Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

Attention was drawn to the new vacancy in the British division of PlayStation by the publication Pocket Gamer.

Now the company is looking for an executive producer of the mobile direction with at least eight years of experience.

From the description of the vacancy, the main task of the producer becomes clear — the development and launch of mobile games and their promotion. He will report directly to the head of external development and be responsible for the quality of mobile titles produced by the company, which should meet the expectations of players from PlayStation Studios projects.

PlayStaion’s latest mobile game, God of War: Mimir’s Vision, was released in April 2018. Prior to that, the company released mobile offshoots of its other successful franchises, Uncharted and Sackboy.

Sony itself also owns the rights to the RPG Fate / Grand Order for iOS and Android, whose total revenue over five years amounted to $ 4 billion. Perhaps in the future we should expect announcements of new mobile titles under the PlayStation brand.