The number of simultaneous players Among Us approached 1.5 million. 90% of the online was on mobile platforms.

Last weekend, the developers of the indie studio InnerSloth shared the results on Twitter. The published peak online Among Us includes indicators for all platforms where the game is available: Steam, iOS and Android. Separately, it is noted that the number of players in the Valve store has reached 166,685 people.

The sudden success of the game proved to be a serious problem for InnerSloth. The fact is that Among Us was released two years ago, but it did not find popularity then: on average, about 10 people played on Steam at the same time. In 2019, the peak online already reached several hundred. We managed to get one and a half million players just now, and the servers were not ready for this.

InnerSloth has already stated that it has a plan ready that will help put the servers in order within five days. The developers ask for a little patience and, despite the problems, are grateful that the game turned out to be so popular.

1.5 million simultaneous players is not the only achievement Among Us over the past month. Less than a week ago it became known that the title InnerSloth entered the top 10 most downloaded games in August on mobile platforms. The number of downloads on iOS has reached the 4 million mark.

Among Us is a multiplayer game that resembles the “Mafia” in the plot. The events take place on board a spaceship. A team of 4-10 people is trying to repair the spaceship and return home. But there is a problem: one of the players is a werewolf traitor who wants to kill everyone.

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