The Ninja streamer spoke about the downside of popularity to The New York Times. He was tired of trolling and attention-hungry children, spoke out on the topic of racism and explained why he does not stream with girls in principle.In an interview with The New York Times, Tyler Blevins admits that he did not expect a warm welcome after returning to Twitch.

However, he can hardly stand children who specifically touch him in the chat in order to attract attention.

“When you answer them, they are happy that you called them a nickname like 69fartsniffer. After making fun of you, they start laughing like little schoolgirls. There is nothing worse than this,” Ninja admits.

It is not easy for Tyler to pay increased attention to his every step. After the Mixer closed, there was only more negativity, but he was ready for it.  

Tyler Blevins


Blevins believes that parenting should fall entirely on the shoulders of parents. He does not want to take on this role and figure out who insults others out of ignorance, and who — just to troll the streamer.

Tyler Blevins


Ninja also explained why he deliberately doesn’t want to stream with female gamers. The reason for everything is the frequent false accusations and rumors that may appear about his personal life.

The only way to prevent the appearance of videos with headlines like “Ninja often plays with her, they flirt. Here is the video” Blevins sees the rejection of such collaborations. Many people do not like this position of Ninja, but he is ready to stream with girls only in a large company — not together.

“I’m no longer a simple guy who can have a drink with a colleague so that no one cares. I can’t afford such a luxury,” notes Tyler, who also doesn’t want to spoil relations with his wife with unnecessary rumors.

Ninja signed an exclusive contract with Mixer in 2019. When Microsoft announced the closure of the site in July of the following year, he was forced to return to Twitch. In addition to streaming, Tyler has a YouTube channel with 24 million subscribers, which brings him about $ 500 thousand a month.

In the near future, Blevins plans to start streaming less in order to devote more time to his personal life and career. He wants to try himself as a voice actor.