Ninja Metrics has announced the launch of Katana Social Analytics Engine. The new service will help developers identify the most important users of a mobile application by measuring the “social value” of each user.

Katana analyzes how much the activity of one user in the game depends on the activity of his friends and acquaintances. This indicator was called “social value”.

The true social value is calculated by adding the user’s individual costs (time and/or funds) and the costs that his friends have made following his example. We get a simple equation:


The Social Value Equation from Ninja MetricsAccording to Ninja Metrics statistics, about 10% of users are “social whales”.

It is them that Katana offers to calculate.

The platform also allows you to compare the obtained indicators with the forecasts that it makes. According to the company’s representatives, their accuracy is 80-90%.

The algorithms of the service may seem like something magical, but in reality it is the result of applying advanced mathematical knowledge to the basic principles of human behavior. A team of doctors of sciences and researchers specializing in game indicators of social value, big data and game psychology has been developing mathematical models of the service for 7 years.

Katana supports iOS and Android, and has also recently entered the social and gambling markets.