Passion for sports affects the gaming preferences of gamers from South Africa, – writes Newzoo in the latest study. Four of the five most popular games are competitive.

Last week, Newzoo published a blog study of the gaming audience aged 10-50 years living in major cities of South Africa (South Africa). It tells about gaming preferences, the choice of consoles, franchises played, favorite genres and reasons for choosing games.

The main facts of the study:

  • 20.3 million South African gamers spent $210 million on games in 2019 (9.4% more than last year);
  • the vast majority of expenses are on mobile games;
  • console games are also popular in the country, but they are too expensive for most;
  • console users often choose consoles of the previous generation: 27% of gamers use PlayStation 3, and another 25% use Xbox 360;
  • nevertheless, the income of the population continues to grow in the country, and consoles have the potential;
  • The most popular franchises in South Africa are: Candy Crash, FIFA, Need for Speed, GTA, Call of Duty. Only the first game is mobile, the rest of the games in the rating are most famous on consoles;

  • more than half of South Africans play FIFA (57%);
  • Three African gamers even entered the top 100 players in FIFA. Thabo ‘YvngSavage’ Moloi, Mohammed Mohamed ‘KingCJ0’ Alioune Diop and Kaylan ‘MBCKaylan;
  • Newzoo connects this with the craze for sports in the country;
  • two-thirds of urban residents (65%) have watched sports broadcasts at least once in the last six months – this is more than in many other countries;
  • according to the survey, 75% of viewers watch football, 57% – rugby, 38% – wrestling;
  • the love of sports is also reflected in video games. Three favorite genres for console games in descending order: sports, racing and fighting games;
  • the anticipation of winning and the thirst for competition in 29% of cases motivate players from South Africa to play consoles. This reason is the third among the most common. The first two places remain for the desire to get rid of boredom (40%) and an attempt to fill free time (31%);

  • Esports is also popular in South Africa, but Newzoo does not disclose details in its report.

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