The Chinese giant NetEase has opened a branch in Japan. The staff of the new studio will be engaged in the games of the new generation.

This is reported by Daniel Ahmad from the analytical firm Niko Partners.

According to him, the new NetEase office is located in Tokyo and is called Sakura Studio. He needs experienced game developers for consoles, PC and mobile. But first of all, she will deal with console titles, says Ahmad.

So far, NetEase owes its revenues mostly to mobile. Thanks to drivers such as Identity V, it surpassed Western EA and Activision Blizzard in revenue. But now the company will adjust the strategy.

“NetEase is now looking to expand its portfolio with games that can be scaled on multiple or all platforms at once,” the analyst writes.

It is worth noting that the console market did not develop in China from 2000 to 2015. The sale of consoles in China was prohibited. According to Pocket Gamer, even now, after the ban was lifted, the share of the console market in the total revenue of the Chinese industry does not exceed 1%.

Let’s add that NetEase’s main competitor, Tencent, brought the Nintendo Switch to the Chinese market. This giant has also been moving towards multiplatform in recent years.

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