Switch is confidently moving towards becoming one of the best-selling Nintendo consoles. This time, it outperformed the portable 3DS in sales — just a few months after beating the NES.

This was told by the rating resource VGChartz. According to his estimates, by the end of last year, players had bought Switch 76.2 million times. While the number of 3DS copies sold by that time slightly exceeded 75.9 million. It is worth noting here that the Switch was released three and a half years ago, and the 3DS has been on sale for almost ten years.

Nevertheless, Nintendo has not yet officially confirmed the information about the new achievement of its portable console.

Recall that the last time the Japanese corporation disclosed Switch sales was in November, when it summed up the results of the first financial half of 2021. Then she reported the sale of 63 million copies of the console, which allowed Switch to surpass the NES (its circulation is 61.9 million).

It’s still hard to judge whether the Switch can really become Nintendo’s best-selling console. The leader’s place still remains for DS with sales of 154 million.