ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, has gained a strong foothold in the mobile gaming market. Since 2019, its Ohayoo gaming division, which cooperates with casual and hyper-casual developers, has released more than 150 titles. During this period, the publisher’s projects have been downloaded more than 500 million times.From this impressive list, eight games have reached the first line in the list of the most downloaded mobile titles in China.

This is reported by GamesBeat.

Until recently, almost no one knew about Ohayoo in the Western market, and the company itself avoided interviews and public statements. However, now the publisher aims to attract developers from different countries and help them enter the Chinese market.

Against the background of most publishers, Ohayoo stands out for its approach to promoting games. Instead of paid advertising, the company focuses on cooperation with influencers and promo sites like TikTok. Since Ohayoo is part of ByteDance, she understands the principles of this service well.

In two years, this strategy has borne fruit. Back in 2019, six Ohayoo projects were included in the top 10 of the Chinese App Store at once. The head of the international marketing department of the company Yufan Wang notes that about 40 games of the publisher turned out to be big hits in terms of monetization.

Now Ohayoo employs hundreds of employees, and the company’s main office is located in Beijing. Part of the team is engaged in the development of internal projects, but the main focus of the ByteDance division is the publication of international games by third—party studios.