The gaming startup Manticore Games has become one step closer to creating a full-fledged metaverse of games. The Core platform, which is considered a potential competitor to Roblox, has completed open testing and appeared in early access exclusively for the Epic Games Store.

This became known from the official blog of the Epic Games team. The news was also confirmed by Core developers.

In fact, Core is a game designer in the spirit of Roblox, but for a more adult audience. Users of the platform can also independently make games using a set of available tools and monetize them. That’s just in Core projects, if desired, you can combine with each other: the authors of titles can add special portals to them that allow you to travel from one game to another.

The idea of Manticore Games to create a kind of “gaming metaverse” attracted the attention of the audience: both investors and developers.

For example, Epic Games invested in the development of Core. The creators of Fortnite said that their vision of the future of video games coincides with the concept of the platform and invested $ 15 million in it. In total, Manticore Games has conducted six rounds of financing and the total amount of funds raised at the moment is $160 million.

Now over 20 thousand projects in different genres have already been published in Core. According to Manticore Games, about 200 new games appear on the platform every day. Among the most popular are a mix of MOBA and 3D action Nexus Wars, 2.5D platformer Sir Pepe & The Goblins and Mage‘s Gambit tactical simulator.

Also note that in honor of Core’s early access release, gaming journalist Geoff Keighley broadcast the Core Games Showcase. On it, the creators of the largest platform games talked about their titles and Core capabilities. The stream on Twitch and YouTube was watched by over 39 thousand viewers in total.