The fight for the developers of hyper-casual games continues. This time, the French Homa Games launches its gamejam. The winner is waiting for $ 50 thousand and a contract with the publisher.

This summer turned out to be rich in hyper-casual contests. For example, a month ago a similar event was held by another French publisher Voodoo. And two months before him – the Russian publisher MY.GAMES. Now, at the end of the summer season, Homa Games also announced jam on its blog.

Unlike traditional contests, the Homa Games jam will also be educational: participants will attend three master classes on game design and personally communicate with the publishing team.


The jam will be held online, so every developer from anywhere in the world will be able to participate. There is no big difference whether it will be one person or a group of developers. If you wish, you can join a team directly on the Homa Games server in Discord.

There are only two requirements for the prototype of the game created during the competition: RRD1 above 40% and RRD7 above 10%. Homa Games did not name any other conditions.

Despite the fact that the acceptance of applications is already open, the topic of the jam will become known only at the start of the competition: September 9 at 14:00 Central European time. The competition will end in 12 days – on September 21. The results of the jam will be announced on September 30.


The top three teams will receive $50 thousand each and the right to publish the game in Homa Games. Prizes for other participants are not reported.

Homa Games is one of the leading mobile publishers. Among the company’s hits are Sky Roller, Tower Color and Idle World.

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