Polish studio One More Level, responsible for the development of Ghostrunner, has been unable to receive money from sales of its game for several months. Due to the difficulties that arose, the company did not publish a financial report, and its shares fell in price.The problem of One More Level was reported today by the Polish edition of Bankier.

According to the developers, they still have not received data from the publisher of All in! Games about Ghostrunner sales for the period ended December 31. They were also not provided with information about the royalties due to them.

Due to the difficulties encountered, One More Level was unable to publish its quarterly report today, because it simply did not have the information to calculate its revenue. As a result, on February 15, the studio’s shares on the Polish exchange NewConnect fell in price by 10%, and the shares of the publisher All in! Games — by 5%.

Earlier, One More Level reported that the expected revenue from sales of the game exceeded € 2.5 million. This amount was automatically supposed to cover all the costs of developing the project. By the end of 2020, Ghostrunner has sold 500 thousand copies, which is 25% higher than the initial forecasts.

The distribution of revenue is also complicated by the number of companies involved in the production of Ghostrunner. Among them — One More Level, All in! Games, publisher of 505 Games, as well as 3D Realms, which helped with the development, and Slipgate, which was responsible for distribution, marketing and PR.

At the same time, back in November last year it was reported that only One More Level, All in! Games and 505 Games will receive royalties from sales. It is not known exactly how the revenue was to be distributed.

Ghostrunner is a first—person action game in the cyberpunk genre, which was released on October 27 on PC and consoles. The average score of the game on Metacritic was 81/100.