The company miHoYo continues to expand. Genshin Impact developers have announced the launch of an office in Montreal. This studio will be working on a “brand new” AAA adventure game in the open world.

Little is known about the game yet. miHoYo revealed only that there will be shooter elements in her project, and the action will unfold in a “living and breathing supernatural world.” It is also likely that the new game will be released on all major platforms: PC, consoles and mobile.

The Montreal studio is the first office of miHoYo in Canada. It will employ up to 100 people. Now the company is actively looking for employees and has signed an agreement with the local recruitment agency Montréal International.

“Montreal has become home to a burgeoning community of game developers. In addition, it is famous for its world-class universities. We deeply appreciate the experience and creative opportunities that the local ecosystem can provide, and we believe that all this will allow miHoYo to bring to life worlds that so far live only in imagination,” commented miHoYo co—founder Forrest Liu.

Currently, miHoYo has 19 offices. Most of them are located in Asia: in China, Japan, South Korea and other countries. In total, the company has 3,500 employees.

Note that Montreal (as well as Canada in general) is considered a Mecca for developers. Studios such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Dontnod and Warner have launched their divisions here. Also at the end of July 2021, TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of the Chinese giant Tencent, also had a new office in Montreal. Such interest on the part of developers is largely due to the tax benefits that operate in Canada.