Zoom is expanding. The company has added the Zoom Apps app store to its video conferencing service. Among other things, it has games that you can play right during a video call.

Zoom interface with applications from Zoom Apps. Source: Zoom

So far, Zoom Apps has only 56 apps, nine of which are games. Among them are Heads Up! from Playco, Werewolf with Friends from Quicksave Interactive, Just Say the Word from Doppio Games, LGN Poker from FlowPlay and other titles.

In addition to games in Zoom, you can use the Asana task manager, Slack corporate messenger or, for example, Dropbox cloud storage.

In its blog, the company warned that the latest version of Zoom is needed to work with Zoom Apps. To launch applications during a video conference, you will have to download them in advance. You can do this using the “Applications” tab on the control panel: by clicking on it, you can select the necessary services and games.

Note that in the English version of the blog, the company wrote that Zoom Apps is currently unavailable to developers. She asked everyone to register on the site so that Zoom could later send a notification about the start of work.

Whereas the Russian blog states that developers can already send applications to Zoom for verification.

The Zoom conference service was launched in 2013. A year ago, he experienced a surge in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when many were forced to switch to a remote work format. In 2020, Zoom collected 477 million downloads and became the fifth most downloaded app in the world (according to Apptopia estimates).