It is not known how much the purchase cost the French publisher.

SongPop 2
Mobile publisher Gameloft has acquired the New York studio FreshPlanet.

She is known for the games SongPop and SongPop 2. The installation base of the latter exceeds the mark of 100 million.

According to PocketGamer, Gameloft will provide commercial, publishing and marketing support to the studio. FreshPlanet will be headed by its CEO Mathieu Nouzaret.

The purpose of the deal is to strengthen Gameloft’s position in the North American market. This is how the company’s top manager Stephane Roussel explains the purchase.

The talent and creativity of the FreshPlanet team has opened up a great opportunity for us to create new types of entertainment and to strengthen our presence in North America.

Stefan Roussel

Executive Director of Gameloft

This year Gameloft liquidated two foreign offices — in New Orleans and in Madrid. Even earlier, branches in New York, Seattle, Tokyo, Valencia and New Zealand were closed.

The publisher himself called it “adaptation to market conditions.” But a number of media outlets also mentioned two possible reasons for massive cuts: a significant drop in profits or a change in the business model.

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