Today, Roblox is already something much more than a game designer for young and not-so-young users. Third-party developers can earn serious money on it. And only a matter of time was the appearance of teams that help them earn even more. Gamefam is one of them. Ultimate Driving

Gamefam is a publisher that works exclusively with games for Roblox.

Now the company provides a whole range of services to young authors. Among them are marketing and promotion, monetization, support and opportunities for business scaling.

Where did Gamefam come from?”In 2019, I founded Gamefam to bring the professionalism of the “big” gaming industry to Roblox,” recalls CEO Joe Ferencz in a conversation with Jeff Grubb from GamesBeat.

Prior to that, he had worked in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years in a variety of positions. His resume includes positions as a bizdev consultant at Ubisoft, Hot Wheels development manager at Mattel, as well as work at Nintendo and Sony.

For a long time, Ferenc has been eyeing mobile games. Despite the growing turnover of this market, he understood that the segment was stagnating in terms of game design solutions and almost did not allow new teams to break through.

Roblox helped him to reconsider his attitude to the market .

According to Ferenc, the platform allows the authors to avoid the “orthodoxy” of free-play gaming, in which economics and monetization dictate game design. That’s why he decided to help young developers with Gamefam, which is positioned as “the first professional publisher specializing entirely in Roblox.”

How does Gamefam work?”Our team consists half of industry veterans who previously worked at Ubisoft, Zynga, Blizzard and DeNA, and half of game developers for Roblox,” Ferenc explains in an interview with TechCrunch.

Currently, Gamefam employs 37 people who help in the operation and development of eight games. About 50 million people play them every month, and the revenue reaches six-figure sums.

Over the past two years, Gamefam has earned a good reputation on the site, and now more and more developers are turning to the company for help.

So, for example, it was with the authors of the game Little World, which was made by three cousins from Eastern Europe. They had a potential hit on their hands, but they had no idea how to monetize and develop it further. Having retained all rights to their project, the team managed to double weekly revenue thanks to Gamefam services.

One of the publisher’s most successful projects remains Ultimate Driving. Since June 2020, Gamefam has helped the authors of the game to increase the retention of the seventh day by 100% and monthly revenue by 50%.

Ferenc does not rule out that in the future the company will publish games on other platforms. However, now its main goal remains UGC-gaming, in which Roblox remains the main platform.