Ads will appear in games for Oculus VR headsets. Facebook has announced that it will start testing creatives in the coming weeks.

The company did not specify how much of the advertising revenue will go to the developers.

Instagram Facebook Facebook receives over 97% of its revenue from advertising (mainly on the demonstration of creatives on Facebook and Instagram).

Recall that exactly a month ago, Facebook talked about plans to add advertising to the Oculus mobile app. But there was no talk of its appearance in the content for headsets either then or ever before.

The first advertisement will appear in the Blaston shooter from Resolution Games. Then it will be added to two more games for Oculus, the names of which have not yet been disclosed.

According to Facebook, users will be able to control advertising in their VR headsets to the same extent as in social networks belonging to it. For example, they will be able to block individual advertising categories or ads from specific advertisers.

Also, advertising will not be based on user data that is stored locally on Oculus headsets. This includes raw images from cameras, voice commands, conversations in applications like Messenger, and any information about the height, weight and gender of the gamer.

It is not yet known when testing will end and ads will appear in other VR applications. As Facebook points out, it depends on the feedback from developers and players.