The French independent company Dontnod, known for the games Remember Me and Life Is Strange, will start publishing third-party games. The first title under the new strategy will be a project from the Danish studio PortaPlay, the authors of the Broken Lines tactics.Dontnod announced this on its official website.

Especially for this purpose, last year the company opened two new departments for marketing and publishing games.

“As a publisher, we want to offer players an experience that is accessible to a wider audience, but at the same time set a high bar for quality in terms of design and the topics involved,” said Xavier Spinat, head of the publishing department of Dontnod.

There are no details about the new PortaPlay game yet. Dontnod emphasizes that it will help the studio with the production and marketing of the project.

According to Hans von Knut Skovfoged, head of PortaPlay development, the studio wants to create games with strong mechanics and storytelling, as well as talk “about people in crisis and solving moral dilemmas.”

Last year, Dontnod independently published the game Twin Mirror, and in October, Life Is Strange: True Colors will be released. Prior to that, the French studio acted only as a developer and collaborated with other publishers, including Focus Home Interactive, Microsoft and Square Enix. Also in January, Tencent acquired a minority stake in Dontnod for €30 million.