Almost 40% of the world’s population are gamers, said the research company DFC Intelligence. Half of the players choose mobile.

The main thing from the report:

  • users who play only on mobile devices are the largest and fastest growing segment;
  • 54% of mobile game lovers live in Asia, 17% – in Europe, 11% – in Latin America;
  • Asia is also leading in the number of gamers spending money on games – 1.42 billion people. The second place in Europe is 688 million. Then comes Latin America – 383 million. And in North America, only 261 people are willing to pay for games or in them;
  • only 8% of gamers prefer to play on consoles. But this group has the highest expenses per user;
  • 1.5 billion people play on the PC. However, this number also includes those players who also use consoles and mobile devices.

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