BNDeNA, formed by DeNA and Namco Bandai in October 2011, will close this March. Cooperation between the two leaders of the Japanese market has not led to great results. 

The news did not surprise anyone, according to the analyst of the Japanese market Serkan Toto (Serkan Toto). Despite the fact that BNDeNA has released a couple of strong mobile products, there were no hits among them.  

Another reason for the termination of cooperation (of which BNDeNA was a part) is seen in the fact that Bandai Namco worked not only with DeNA, but also with GREE (the main competitor of the Mobage social platform supported by DeNA).

Macross SP Cross Deculture is one of the two projects of the studio

So it turns out that against the background of the average results of the game studio, in which the companies invested $ 1.3 million, and Bandai Namco’s unwillingness to work only with DeNA, there was no sense in continuing to support BNDeNA.

It is worth remembering that Bandai Namco has long held a leading position in the mobile market in Japan. The last time the company publicly revealed its achievements, it boasted 30 million users in Japanese social games.

Over the past 12 months, the cost of Bandai Namco has increased by 77%. Its market capitalization exceeded $4.7 billion. During the same period, DeNA lost 29% and now its capitalization is at the level of $ 3.2 billion.


About the companies:

DeNA is one of the largest gaming companies in Japan. It became popular in the mid-noughties by launching the Mobage gaming platform. Today it is one of the monopolists of the mobile market in the Land of the Rising Sun. Without cooperation with Mobage a year or two ago, it was difficult to reach the Japanese top.

Namco Bandai is a Japanese publisher of mainly console products. Publishes such series of games as Dark Souls, Soul Calibur and many others. The owner of the rights to Pac-man.