The developer and publisher of Daybreak Games underwent a restructuring. Its result was the creation of three new studios.

As Daybreak itself reported, its business structure has been revised for the sake of greater efficiency. As a result, three Daybreak development teams turned into autonomous studios: Dimensional Ink Games, Darkpaw Games and Rogue Planet Games. All of them are located in the USA.

In a statement, the head of Dimensional Ink Games says that this team has long had a unique atmosphere and its own approach to development. The same is true for the other two teams. Daybreak decided to support this individuality and separate them into separate studios.

The company itself will fully assume the role of a publisher. She will continue to release projects from three studios under her publishing label.

Dimensional Ink Games

  • Where: Austin, Texas.
  • Who’s in charge: game designer Jack Emmert, who previously worked on Star Trek Online and Neverwinter.What he will do: support DC Universe Online for PC and consoles, as well as the creation of an undeclared MMORPG.
  • Its release will take place this year.

Darkpaw Games

  • Where: San Diego, California.
  • Who’s in charge: Holly Longdale as executive producer.
  • What he will do: support and develop the EverQuest series of games.

Rogue Planet Games

  • Where: San Diego, California.
  • Who’s in charge: executive producer Andy Sites.
  • What will he do: the development of shooters in the space setting. It was this team that was responsible for the PlanetSide series of multiplayer first-person shooters.
    Recall that almost two years ago, Daybreak Games Company laid off 30% of its staff “for the sake of its future prosperity.”

For the same purpose, she changed the business structure.

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