Creative Assembly continues to expand. Now 800 people work in the company’s three studios, which makes the authors of the Total War series the largest game developer in the UK.Photo: Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly announced this on its official website.

Last year, the company expanded its staff by 20%, and now announced the opening of a new development studio in West Sussex.

Studio director Gareth Edmondson notes that this will accelerate the company’s transition to a more flexible working model. He also wants to put an end to “traditional office work from 9 to 5.” To do this, the company will provide employees with more comfortable conditions that will allow them to combine work in the office and remote work.

In addition to three development studios, Creative Assembly has a special room for motion capture and a separate office in Bulgaria called CA Sofia. The expansion of the staff will allow the company to have Total War: Warhammer III and an unannounced sci-fi shooter in the new franchise in parallel development.

In the same message, Creative Assembly spoke about the successes of the Total War series, which will turn 21 this year. The total circulation of all games of the franchise has exceeded 36 million copies, and over 1.5 million people play them every month.