Cocos creator Zhe Wang said that in 2018 alone, his engine was used in 45% of all Chinese mobile projects, and this figure was 30% worldwide. He called his product fast food in comparison with Unreal Engine and talked about plans for its development.What is the reason for such great popularity?

First of all, the framework is aimed not at large studios that can afford to use Unreal Engine, but at small teams and indie authors.

“Unlike our competitors, we are trying to make game development cheaper and easier. If the game’s budget exceeds $7 million, it can use Unreal. But if a developer wants to make a project with a budget of up to $3 million, Cocos is more than suitable for creating a great game,” explains Zhe Wang.

Cocos is an open source platform and allows developers to make changes to the engine itself. The use of the framework and its tools is free. “Cocos is more suitable for the production of 2D games than Unity, since the latter is focused on 3D,” Wang notes.

The company builds its business model and receives money by providing technical support for users and helping to enter into partnerships with large organizations.

How does Cocos plan to develop its platform?

Van is currently working on Cocos Creator 3.0, which will allow him to fully work with 3D. In the future, he wants the framework to be equally useful for both developers of hyper-casual projects and creators of hardcore games. The company also plans to occupy a niche of educational services and does not exclude the possibility of switching to a paid model.

“We will not be able to keep the completely open source code in favor of the interests of the public. Because in this case, no investor will finance us. I hope that in the long term, Cocos will become a company with a successful business model and a good reputation among the community,” explains Wang.

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