There is also a game dev in Pakistan. It was in this South Asian country that the Cloudcade studio from San Francisco, which developed a casual simulator Shop Heroes, opened its new division.

The new division is not being created from scratch: 50 employees have already been hired in it, which has made Cloudcade Pakistan is the largest gaming studio in the country.

The team was headed by Ammar Zaeem, who previously founded the Caramel Tech developer company. The main achievement of his last startup is the midcore RPG Blades of Battle, which hit the App Store feature in 137 countries in 2014.

Why did Cloudcade choose Pakistan? Firstly, the maintenance of the studio here will cost Cloudcade relatively inexpensive – the Californians plan to invest only $6 million in their new team over three years.

Secondly, the country is experiencing a technological boom – a lot of startups are opening here and a generation of technically gifted youth is growing, there are 90 universities and 25 foundations and other investment structures.

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