Publisher Chillingo has launched a selective release of mobile games on the PlayStation Mobile platform. The first swallow was Feed Me Oil from HolyWaterGames, the publisher says.

In short, Feed Me Oil is a surreal puzzle game in which the player must direct fuel from a broken pipe straight into the throats of strange creatures. Chillingo released the iOS version of Feed Me Oil in December 2011, followed by releases for Windows Phone and Android, respectively, in May and July 2012. On June 26, the game was released on the PlayStation Mobile platform. 

At Chillingo, we are proud to publish some of the best (and most beloved!) games that independent developers have released over the past decade. The release of these games on PlayStation Mobile causes us a storm of emotions,” said Ed Rumley, Executive director, in a press release. Chillingo.

Chillingo also plans to release games such as Little Acorns, iBomber Defense and Roll in the Hole on PlayStation Mobile.

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