Netflix goes beyond movies and TV shows. According to Bloomberg, the streaming service is launching a gaming direction. The first games on the platform may appear as early as 2022.

The direction will be headed by Mike Verdu. Previously, he led the mobile publishing house Electronic Arts — such franchises as Plants vs. Zombies, The Sims and Star Wars were released under his leadership. He was also vice president of the VR department at Facebook and creative director of Zynga.

According to Bloomberg sources, Netflix does not plan to demand an additional fee for access to games. You will be able to play after paying for the standard subscription of the service. The games will be placed in a special category similar to the one where documentaries are located.

In the coming months, Netflix will begin assembling its own development team. You can already find vacancies related to games on her website.

Netflix has long been aware of the importance of the video game market. In January 2019, she stated: “we compete (and lose) more with Fortnite than with HBO.” She also previously issued a license to develop a game based on the TV series “Very Strange Things” and released an interactive film “Black Mirror: Brandashmyg” on her platform.

Rumors that the company will handle the games itself appeared in May. Then the publication The Information reported that Netflix is looking for a person to head the gaming direction of the streaming service.

News about the games can have a good effect on the company’s shares. At the close of the NASDAQ exchange, it was possible to buy one Netflix share for $540.7. While trading on the stock exchange has not started (it’s still night in the US), but the shares are already ready to buy at $ 562 apiece.