CEO Dave Roberts and chief game designer Jason Kapalka are leaving the Plants vs. Zombies studio.

These changes will take effect next week. At the same time, Kapalka will remain a creative consultant for PopCap. The post of game designer of the studio will be taken by John Vechey, the last co-founder who will remain in the company after Kapalka’s departure.

As for future plans, the studio will leave publishing and devote itself entirely to game development. Releases will also be handled by its parent company, Electronic Arts.

“We need to return to the position we held earlier. This applies not only to mobile developments,” Vechi said. “We have invested insufficient funds in new IP. This year’s goal is to get more IP.”

Recall that EA acquired PopCap in 2011. The purchase price was more than $750 million. In addition, EA will have to pay another $550 million if certain goals are achieved over the next two years.