The WN Talents recruiting agency has announced the results of the vote for the 2023 Gamedev HR Awards. The winners by number of votes are the game studio Playkot and the publisher Ravenage.

This year, companies were recognized in three categories.

“Best Support”

The award is given to the company recognized as the leader in addressing employees' work-related, psychological, financial, and everyday issues.

The winner is Playkot, known for the social network city builder “SuperCity” and the mobile battler “Age of Magic.” Founded in Saint Petersburg, the company is now primarily based in Limassol and Belgrade. Its staff is approaching 400 people.

“Best Growth Opportunities”

This category recognizes the company that, according to voters, most effectively assists employees in developing and building their careers within the organization.

The winner is the Georgian indie game publisher Ravenage, founded and led by Elena Morina. This young company is engaged in launching boutique projects from independent developers, providing them with support, including funding.

Judging by the releases, 2023 has been a successful year for the publisher. It launched eight projects on Steam, most of which received positive feedback from users.

“Best Employer”

In this category, voters were tasked with choosing the company most attractive for employment.

The award for “Best Employer” goes to the above-mentioned developer of free-to-play service products, Playkot.


The “Gamedev HR Awards” is an annual award recognizing HR achievements in the gaming industry. WN Media Group, through the capabilities of WN Talents (formerly Talents In Games), has been organizing it since 2019.