A table in which Blizzard employees shared their salaries was publicly available. Now the document contains information about almost 400 specialists.

The salary level is different. For senior specialists and programmers, it is more often above $ 100 thousand per year. As for testers, UX and effects artists, as well as level designers, as a rule, their salaries are below the specified mark.

Many salaries are accompanied by comments in which specialists note, for example, when they were hired, or how often they were previously paid. Most also indicate what their performance rating is in the company.

It is not clear directly from the document whether we are talking about pre-tax payments. However, most likely, they are indicated. In the USA, it is customary to indicate the amount of salary before various tax deductions.

It is also difficult to say how large/modest these amounts are relative to salaries in other top studios in the United States. However, according to ZipRecruiter, most game developers in the country receive from $75 thousand (25% have a salary less than this mark) to $129 thousand (75% have a salary less than this mark) per year.

Earlier, a large-scale investigation of the salary situation at Blizzard was published on the pages of Bloomberg. It said that very many employees of the company are dissatisfied with the payment of their labor. They consider it low against the background of the success of their own games.

P.S. It is difficult to unambiguously confirm the reliability of the table. However, the facts from it correspond to the Bloomberg material.  

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