For the second year in a row and Talents In Games conducts a survey on the level of salaries in the Russian-speaking game dev and areas close to it. As a result, a large-scale study of the market situation will be published.

Recall that we conducted a similar survey a year earlier — from October to December 2020. Then 1379 people participated in it. Based on the survey, we were preparing a study by March. You can view it at this link.

We plan to work on a similar scenario this time. We are conducting a new survey from November 12, 2021 to January 21, 2022. We will present and publish a study based on it in February as part of the WN Berlin` 21 conference.

As for the questionnaire itself, we have made a number of changes and edits to it. For example, now there are more professions in it. This will allow us to give a more accurate assessment of the level of salaries in one direction or another.

You can also now specify which niche project you are making a game for (for example, you can note that you are making hyper-casual games to order or hardcore console games that your company publishes itself).

We invite you to take part in our new research. We are sure that such initiatives help our gaming industry to be more transparent.