Valheim survival simulator continues to conquer the Steam charts. This time, the project entered the top hundred of the highest-rated games of the service. All this against the background of sales of three million copies of the title.

Iron Gate studio shared its next achievements on Steam. The developers again used Old Norse comparisons. They noted that now the circulation of the game is 74,319 longhouses filled with Vikings singing songs and drinking honey.

The authors of Valheim thanked gamers for their support and also briefly told about all the new records of the project:

  • the game received more than 60 thousand “extremely positive” ratings on Steam;
  • Valheim took 78th place in the top 250 most rated games of the store;
  • the title became the seventh most popular on Twitch, ahead of CS:GO, Dota 2, Minecraft and Rust;
  • viewers watched over 20 million hours of gameplay.

Recall that just five days ago, the developers reported sales of two million copies of the game. Even then, the studio managed to recoup the development of Valheim. In addition, last week this survival simulator was on the tenth line in the list of the most popular online projects in the history of Steam. Now Valheim has updated its position and took ninth place in the top. At the same time, only 18 days have passed since the release of the title in early access.