AppMagic analysts told which hyper-casual games were the most popular in the fourth quarter of 2021. At the top of the list is the race simulator Race Master 3D, published by the Belarusian SayGames.

Before moving on to the top, we note that in October—December, hyper-casual games collected 4.58 billion downloads. This is 13.5% more than in the third quarter.

Top 10 most downloaded games

1. Race Master 3D — 47 million downloads 
Race Master 3D racing simulator became the leader of the quarter in downloads among hypercazuals.

The game was released at the end of April on Android, and in August on iOS. The project was developed by Beresnev Games, and its publisher was SayGames. Note that according to the authors of the races, during the quarter Race Master 3D was downloaded not 47 million, but over 50 million times.

AppMagic also pointed out that Race Master 3D not only collected the most downloads, but also received the largest quarterly revenue among all the games in the top. After deductions to stores and tax payments, its creators received $ 153.4 thousand.

2. Cookie Carver — 46.1 million downloads
The excitement around the South Korean TV series “The Squid Game” could not but affect the quarterly top downloads.

Recall that projects based on this series were particularly popular in October shortly after the premiere of the show on Netflix. Then five of the eight games that first got into the top of the month by downloads used the brand “Squid Games”. Cookie Carver was among them.

Cookie Carver developed KobGames, and published Azur Games. Users of the game can participate in tests similar to the competitions from the TV series. For example, cut a figure out of sugar cookies or tug of war at high altitude. Also in Cookie Carver there is an original level in which you have to get past the guards and fight with the host of the Games.

3. Count Masters — 37.59 million downloadsCount Masters is another game published by a company from the Republic of Belarus.

It was released in the spring of 2021 under the wing of Minsk FreePlay.

This is a runner with low-poly little men. In it, the user needs to bring as many people as possible to the finish line. On the obstacle course, he will come across spikes, aggressive crowds and cliffs.

4. Money Run 3D — 35.28 million downloads

In September, Vietnamese XGame Global released the “money runner” Money Run 3D.

During the race, players need to collect bundles of dollars and pay with them for overcoming obstacles.

5. Bridge Race — 34.4 million downloads
A game from the Israeli Supersonic Studios, in which the user needs to build bridges of colored bricks as quickly as possible.

Note that this is the second largest quarterly box office game in the list. In three months, she earned $91.4 thousand.

6. Yes or No?! — 34.4 million downloads
A variation of the game “edible-inedible” from the American publisher Lion Studios.

In it, the user treats the girl with different dishes, and she guesses whether it is edible or not. The nuance is that the player knows in advance what the girl will answer, and can both adjust to her answers and choose the “inappropriate” food.

Also in Yes or No there are levels with trades of antistress toys and simulators of the antistress toys themselves.

7. 420 Prison Survival — 33.4 million downloads
The YoloGame company’s project, like Count Masters, is based on the “Squid Game”.

Gameplay they are very similar — 420 Prison Survival users also participate in various competitions from the series. The games were also released on the same day — October 9.

8. Hair Challenge — 33.27 million downloads
Runner, published in April by Turkish Rollic Games.

In it, the user collects colorful wigs on the obstacle course, which is why his character’s hair grows. The more he picks up, the longer the hairstyle will be.

9. Pull the Pin — 33.09 million downloads

In January 2020, German Popcore Games published the puzzle Pull the Pin.

Its essence is simple. In front of the player is a basket, over which hangs a container with balls. The container is divided into sectors, in some there are gray balls, in others — colored. The user first needs to mix colored balls with gray ones, and then drop them all into the basket.

10. Merge Animals 3D — 32.5 million downloads
Completing the top ten most downloaded hyper casual games of the quarter is another project from SayGames.

This time we are talking about a runner with the Merge Animals 3D character editor. In it, the user, before starting the race, injects his hero with animal genes. Together with these genes, he gets abilities that help him overcome the obstacle course. For example, with the help of the eagle gene, the user will be able to fly, and with the help of the crocodile gene, he will be able to swim faster.