The family of Scapes projects, whose total box office for last March alone amounted to $ 115 million, has arrived. Playrix has announced the release of the casual title Farmscapes, which was developed by the authors of Treasures of Montezuma 3 and Gods&Glory.

The main characters of the novelty are the writer Mary and the jack—of-all-trades PhilipThe novelty has been in sotflonch since the fall of 2020.

The game was “run-in” in Canada, Australia and the UK. Officially, the publisher does not share the results of the preliminary launch. However, according to the AppMagic service, in March, Farmscapes accounted for $1 to $2 per download, depending on the region.

The game itself in terms of bark is the departure of Playrix from match mechanics. Farmscapes uses the so-called collapse or match-2. The player does not swipe the chips, but taps on blocks consisting of two or more elements of the same color. This mechanic is well known from the Pet Rescue Saga game and the Blast series (Toy Blast and Toon Blast).

Thanks to the chosen mechanics, the dynamics of passing levels has grown.

They are played/played faster than with a traditional match. Subjectively, this made it possible to raise the difficulty of the levels painlessly for users. Now, on the second dozen levels, difficult episodes begin to occur. But it’s not annoying — the speeds are different here.

Meta, as far as can be judged by the first hours of the game, has hardly changed compared to Gardensacapes and Homescapes. As before, stars are given for completing levels (here — horseshoes), which are spent on the arrangement of the world and the development of the plot. This time the player equips the farm of a writer named Mary.

She comes to a farm in the small town of Greenwood to survive the crisis caused by the failure of her new book. However, the main character of the game is essentially the neighborhood community of Greenwood. We paid special attention to the plot, which now includes not only Mary's story, but also the relationships of the other characters. While working on the script, we were inspired by famous TV series about friendly companies.

Natalia Popova

Head of Development Department

Farmscapes is not an internal development of Playrix. The Novosibirsk studio Friday’s Games is responsible for the creation and operation of the game. At the beginning of the tenth, she became famous for the match-blockbuster Treasures of Montezuma 3, and also successfully developed the Gods&Glory mobile 4X strategy for a long time.

By the way, since the release of Homescapes in 2017, Playrix has not released box office blockbusters of a comparable level.

Yes, both Wildscapes, released in 2019, and Manor Matters, which appeared in 2020, are very successful. Each of them, according to unofficial analytical data, earned about $ 30 million. This is a lot, but much less than Gardensacapes and Homescapes that have overcome the $1 billion box office mark, as well as Fishdom and Township that are getting close to it.

Therefore, for Playrix, the novelty is a very important project. It will show whether one of the most successful mobile companies succeeds in bringing new billionaire games to the market, crowded with clones of its blockbusters. Given the quality of the novelty and the team behind it, there are definitely prerequisites.