The struggle between Epic and Apple has increasingly serious consequences. Users of the “apple” platform will not only not get a new season of Fortnite, but will also lose the opportunity to crossplay with players on PC and consoles.

Due to the ongoing confrontation between the two companies, the Fortnite version for iOS and Mac has now been completely isolated from other platforms. As previously expected, the new season of Battle Royale, released today and completely dedicated to Marvel, will pass by Apple users.

At the same time, the Mac version could in theory receive new updates, since it is installed not from the App Store, but directly from the Epic Games Store. At the moment, it is still unclear what was the specific reason for the termination of support for this version of the game. A new message on the Epic website says that Apple is depriving the company of the opportunity to develop Fortnite on all Apple devices.

Another blow was the termination of crossplay support. Now iOS and macOS users will not be able to interact with players from other platforms. Epic confirmed this information in a conversation with The Verge. Thus, existing players on Apple devices will only be able to play with each other on Fortnite version 13.40.

This week, after the first hearing, the court banned Apple from deleting Epic accounts and denying them access to Unreal Engine support on its platform. It should be borne in mind that this is only a temporary solution, and the fate of Fortnite may not be decided soon. In the near future, Apple users will be left without the support of the popular battle royale.

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