Square Enix continues to bring its classics to the mobile market. Following the reissue of the first six parts of Final Fantasy, the company plans to publish the first three parts of Dragon Quest in the very near future.

Dragon Quest

For the first time, it became known that eight parts of the famous Dragon Quest role-playing series, also known in the USA as Dragon Warrior, will appear on mobile devices a year ago.

At the very end of May, Dragon Quest VIII was released on mobile platforms, a little more than a month later Dragon Quest IV appeared. Both projects have been redesigned so that you can play them while holding your smartphone vertically. The English-language press greeted the games very warmly (78 points for Dragon Quest VIII, 87 points for Dragon Quest IV). At the same time, it cannot be said that the in-game content has been significantly redone /redrawn. The main changes concerned the UI.

Now it’s the turn of the very first parts. The original Dragon Quest will be released in September, the second and third parts of the series will be released within the next two to three months. Most likely, the source code for the port will be versions of games for Super Famicom. They also formed the basis for the reissue of the series for Wii in 2011.


Dragon QuestDragon Quest II


Dragon Quest III


How much will Square Enix ask for them?

Most likely, not less than for the eighth and fourth parts, which can now be found in the App Store for 469 rubles.

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Square Enix is a developer and publisher of video games from Japan.

Known primarily for the Final Fantasy series of games.