Developer Andy Himself plans to release his new project with roguelike elements next year. While you can watch the first gameplay trailer.

Andy Sum, known as the creator of the mobile game Crossy Road, and Australian game designer Marcus Grambo (Marcus Grambau) presented a new project TombStar. The release will take place on Steam, as well as on as yet unnamed consoles.

The new game is a shooter with a view from above, in which there will also be exploring of the world and elements of rougelike. The developers promise to add four planets to explore, a lot of loot and a variety of weapons with the possibility of upgrading.

TombStar is made in the style of a space western, and when creating the world, the authors were inspired by cartoons of the 80s. In the story, players will have to take control of one of the three characters to free the star system from a certain Grimheart gang.

At the end of this year, a closed beta test will begin on Steam, and the full release of the game is scheduled for 2021. TombStar will be published by No More Robots.

Andy himself gained fame after the release of Crossy Road in 2014, which he developed together with Matt Hall. Only in the first three months after the release, the game brought the creators $ 10 million, and by August 2018 it had been downloaded 200 million times.

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