Tale of Immortal is probably a new gaming phenomenon from the Middle Kingdom. It is available only in Chinese and is in early access, but the number of simultaneous players of the project on Steam has already exceeded 170 thousand people.Tale of Immortal is an RPG from Lighting Games studio based on Chinese mythology and philosophy.

It was released on Steam last week and is presented in the store under the original name 鬼谷八荒 and only in simplified Chinese.

This did not prevent the project from gaining great popularity and entering the top five most popular games on Steam, beating such hits as GTA V and Rust.

Yesterday, the peak number of simultaneous players in Tale of Immortal was 172 thousand, and online continues to grow. Also, before the announcement of Total War: Warhammer III, she occupied the first line in the “Sales Leaders” chart.

Despite the language barrier, the game even has one Russian-language review from a user who has already spent 37 hours in Tale of Immortal.

Games from Chinese developers have hit the global Steam top before — for example, the RPG The Scroll of Taiwan, which in 2018 sold over 1 million copies in just a few months. With the development of the Chinese gaming market, the growing number of gamers and the emergence of successful projects like Genshin Impact, China’s influence on the gaming industry is becoming more noticeable.