There are studios that prefer to constantly experiment and surprise, studios that don’t even have two similar projects. Bossa Studios is one of them.


It’s hard to say what pushes them to do this – the desire to find their Grail or just the love of development. In any case, almost every one of their mobile projects does not go unnoticed. Last spring they released a wonderful Deep Dungeons of Doom, this spring they released a Surgeon Simulator, which, despite the paid distribution model, still shows very good box office results. Around the same time, they acted as a publisher of a third-party game, releasing Thomas Was Alone, which Apple called one of the best projects of July.

And now they are announcing a new game – Twelve, an art-house platformer / puzzle game in which the player will have to fight with the Ultimate Prime Number.

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Bossa Studios is a British game studio that originally specialized in creating social free-to-play games. One of her most popular Facebook projects is Monstermind. At the moment, he is also actively developing paid mobile games.